I live in California
Creeper (s)
the journey (of you)

I feel bad for what you’ve done to her.

and to me.

she’s cries every night wondering what she did wrong.

I remember when I used to do the same thing.

I wish I could tell her that she’d pull through and things would eventually be okay without you.

but I can’t.

neither of us deserve the hell you’ve put us through.

yet, we still love you.

and adore you.

we both decided to ride along along on this journey of 

being with you.

I knew she was in the backseat.

I still stayed in the car.

she didn’t know I rode shotgun.

so she rode with us all night.

but one night you decided to make a quick stop

she didn’t realize she was getting dropped off.

who knows? you might come back for her.

luckily I won’t be riding shot gun

because I learned to never ride in a car with someone you

can’t trust.

I learned to never go anywhere with a stranger.

I made him pull over.

I got out the car.